GC Energy Management Reporting System provides the ability to track, evaluate and manage, by analysis, the generation and consumption of energy on board the ship.

Comprehensive data can be retrieved from specific compartments, ranging from Accommodation, HVAC, Galleys, Laundries and Technical Spaces, to Engines and Propulsion.

The data collected provides the ability to analyse energy performance by compartment, by ship and across the fleet. The availability of data on the GC Energy Management Dashboard is made to the client only, through secure internet access to the GC server.

Gathering Gathering detailed data from the engines specific to fuel consumption and power output together with propulsion shaft torque meters allow engineers to monitor performance, identifying efficiency or in-efficiencies during operation.

The energy values are automatically uploaded onto the GC Energy Management Dashboard, allowing users to identify specific areas of interest and to develop reports and analysis of the energy performance.

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